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'Fun' Dog Show - Bank Holiday Monday

If you missed this hugely popular event last year, why not take your six legs along to the Kings Arms’, All Cannings (SN10 3PA) on Bank Holiday Monday.

Organised by DCCA Nine Villages Branch.

Entries Taken from 10.00 am.  Judging Starts at 11.0O am


by Executive Coach 

Seasons Greetings from the DCCA

The Association would like to take this opportunity to wish its Members and supporters a very happy Christmas!

Bank Holiday FUN DOG SHOW

At The Kings Arms, All Cannings (SN10 3PA).Entries taken from 10.00am.  Judging starts at 11.30am.  £1.50 per dog per class.Pedigree Classes
1  A.V. Junior (6 – 18 months)
2  A.V Sporting
3  A.V. Non-Sporting
4  A.V. OpenNovelty Classes       
5  Child Handler (12 and under)
6  Best six legs
7  Best Veteran Dog (7 years +)
8  Dog & Handler Most Alike
9  Prettiest Bitch
10 Most Handsome Dog
11 Cheekiest Looking Mutt
12 Dog with the Waggiest Tail
13 Dog with Most Appealing Eyes
14 Best Mover
15 Glossiest Coat
16 Dog the Judge would most likeOrganised by DCCA Nine Village Branch - ALL WELCOME.


‘Have a Go’ Doggy Activity from 10.00 am:  Long Retrieve (dummy or ball) - £1 a go!

Enquiries: Show Secretary, Mrs Vee Thursby (01380)  840618 / vivienthursby@me.com


On Wednesday 6 July.  Organised by the Constituency's Womens' Conservative Committee  - ALL WELCOME, including men!

"the largest single collection of antique silver for sale in the World making it a focal point for collectors, traders, dealers and visitors"
Today the London Silver Vaults are one of the Capital's unique shopping experiences, housing over 40 silver and jewellery dealers, largely owned for the past fifty years by the same families. Itinerary8.00 am - Executive Coach leaving from the Station Road Car Park, Devizes.

8.30 am - Executive Coach leaving from outside Lloyds Bank, High Street, Marlborough.12.00 noon - Lunch at The Knights Templar off Chancery Lane - a Weatherspoons with a difference, housed in a converted bank, with spectacular architecture throughout, even in the ladies loo!       

1.30 pm -   A chance to explore the World famous Vaults, starting with a short talk in the Main Hall by its Chairman, Steven Linden on their long history.  You can then discover numerous treasures in the underground vaults housing over forty silver and jewellery.  If you have an English silver item that you know nothing about and would like to find out more about it, we have an exciting opportunity when the Vault's experts will examine up to 25 items from the group and convey their history.  NB:  The dealers are unable to purchase items on this occasion.             

4.30 pm - Executive Coach leaves London.

Menu - Half roast chicken / chicken skewers / breast of chicken / chicken wings (all served with chips, coleslaw and sauce) or the vegetarian option

Places £35.00 (Cheques payable to CWCC), which includes lunch with a glass of wine, Guinness, lager or guest ale.

Contact: Mrs Janet Giles (01380)  850327 / mail@janetgiles.me.uk


WILTSHIRE (Excluding Swindon)
'Leave' - 52.5% - 151,637 VOTES
'Remain' - 47.5% - 137,258 VOTES
Turnout: 78.8%


Hearty congratulations to Angus Macpherson, who has been re-elected for a second term as Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon.

Voting for the PCC took place in 5 constituencies in Wiltshire and 2 constituencies in Swindon. When the results were consolidated, Angus, the Conservative candidate, had received 56,605 of the first preference votes (45%) compared with his nearest rival, Labour’s Kevin Small, who received 28,166 (22%).
Under the supplementary vote system, as no one had received 50% of the first preferences, all but these top two candidates were eliminated. The second preferences of the unsuccessful Lib Dem and UKIP candidates were then apportioned. The final result gave Angus 68,622 first and second preference votes (64%) while Kevin Small got 39,365 (36%).
In his acceptance speech, Angus described the result as "a vote of confidence in local policing", but added: "That is not to say everything is perfect.  "In my second term I will be focusing on the issues raised by the public during the campaign. We can do more for our communities and my job for the next four years is to make sure that we do."
The turnout was nearly 25%, up from 15% in 2012. It is interesting to note that, if the PCC result had been left to the Devizes Constituency alone, Angus would have got in on the first round with 55% of the first preference votes.
Although elections are political, Police and Crime Commissioners are required to take an Oath of Impartiality so that they represent all people without fear or favour.
Thank you to all those of you, who contributed towards Angus’s campaign.