Congratulations to Wiltshire's GCSE students

Schools across the county are busy with students picking up their results and deciding on next steps into further education, training or an apprenticeship.

Almost all exams are now graded on the number scale which runs from nine (highest) to one (lowest), rather than the old letter grades. A grade 4 or above is a ‘standard pass' with a grade 5 or above a ‘good pass'. The bottom of a grade 7 is comparable with the bottom of an old grade A. 

Pauline Church, Conservative led Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Skills said: "Congratulations to all our students who are picking up GCSE results. Young people work hard in their studies and it's important we also recognise that and the guidance and support they have received from teachers, parents and carers."

"For those whose results are not as hoped, there is a great deal of information and support available and I'd encourage young people to explore the fantastic opportunities and lots of help available as they consider their next steps."

Support and information is available from schools about sixth form and from all local colleges about further education courses. The Work Wiltshire website also offers advice about further education or apprenticeships. There is also a dedicated parents page to help support young people in their care make the decision with choices post-16.