Conservative Wiltshire Council supports successful secondary school transition event for year 6 pupils

Conservative led Wiltshire Council's Devizes Area Board and Local Youth Network funded an event to support primary school leavers in their transition to secondary school.

The recently held Going Up, Growing Up Making the Transition day at Braeside Education Centre was a first of its kind collaboration between three schools in Devizes.

Recognising the anxiety and emotional impact for many students and their families during this time, the day aimed to build confidence and self-esteem and help students to develop new relationships with each other as they move into year 7.

As part of the day, the year 6 leavers were supported by three senior students from Devizes School who spoke openly about their own experiences. Parents of the pupils also attended to provide encouragement and support.

The day started with a campfire style service led by the Rev Keith Brindle and St James Church Curate, Richard Saint with pupils also taking part in team building activities such as high rope, low rope, a leap of faith and problem solving activities.

Students enjoyed and valued the day with one commenting, "thanks for giving me my smile back".

A teacher supporting the day said: "I've seen my students grow in confidence today, I'm really proud of them, what an amazing day".

Allison Bucknell, Conservative Cabinet Member for Communities, said: "The transition to secondary school can be daunting for young people and events like this bridge an important gap, helping students to develop confidence and build new relationships ahead of their first day.

"I am really pleased we have been able to support this event and I hope to see more like it in the future."

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