Danny Kruger MP - victory speech!

Danny Kruger MP gives thanks in his victory speech and pledges to earn the trust of the people of the constituency:

"Let me be the first to thank the returning officer and all the teams who have worked so hard through this long night which is nearly over. And my thanks also to the staff and volunteers at the polling stations, I had the pleasure of visiting every single polling station in the constituency today, 60 of them and I was hugely impressed by the dedicated teams who have enabled our democratic event today. 

I also want to thank my fellow candidates, it’s been a privilege to compete with you, and I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from at all our events. Thank you. 

And thanks most of all to my brilliant team; my agent Jonathan and Anna and Stuart and all of the team, all the brilliant volunteers of the Devizes Conservative Association, my very heartfelt thanks for all the work that you have put in - this is your victory.

And it looks like the Conservative party has done really well across the whole country and I interpret that victory like this; our country has decided to reject division and move forward together as one country. To move forward, not just to get Brexit done, crucial as that it, but to move forward to strengthen our communities and to build a more united, more peaceful and more prosperous country for everybody.

Every MP who is elected tonight, I think has an overwhelming imperative for this new parliament, which is to restore trust, trust that people have in politics and in parliament. And I pledge my own part to do everything I can to earn the trust of the people who put their trust in me for this election, and all the people of this constituency and to be the MP for everybody here, no matter how you voted.

And I hope that by helping to create a more united community here in Wiltshire, we can help to create a more united country.

Thank you very much."


Watch the speech on Facebook - https://fbwat.ch/1pQhPfU3bBGPsRkK