Devizes Market Place - parking charges come into force while future use decided

Earlier this year the town council agreed to take on a number of assets and services from Conservative led Wiltshire Council, and this transfer is now nearing completion.

A key part of the town's future is how the market place can best be used. Although original plans were to create a fully pedestrianised space, comments following the initial consultation mean the area could become dual use for both pedestrians and parking.

While discussions continue, parking charges which were due to be introduced earlier this year, will now begin on 1 August. People will pay for parking on their mobile phone as a temporary measure while the future use is decided and if parking continues, the installment of a permanent cash payment machine will be undertaken.

At Devizes Area Board today (15 July), people will be encouraged to look at the latest proposals for its future use, including continuing parking on part of the area with pay and display and the remainder being community space.

Information on all changes will be published as they occur.

Richard Clewer, cabinet member for corporate services said: "It is important local people have a say in the future of this key part of Devizes, and I'm pleased the town council is consulting on the market place which has so much potential as a focal point for the town.

"While these discussions continue the parking charges due to be brought in earlier this year will now be brought in from 1 August using mobile payments as a temporary measure while the Market Place's future is decided by the town following which a permanent car park charging mechanism will be implemented."

Simon Fisher, Devizes Town Council Clerk said: "Devizes Town Council wants to extend its consultation to as many people as possible, and we are inviting residents to take a look at the proposals.

"It's a chance for everyone to say which option they prefer for Devizes Market Place, helping the planners create a space that benefits visitors, tourists, shoppers and residents of all ages alike."

People can view the proposals here.