Government activity in the past week

On Sunday 8th, Amber Rudd announced a new online hate crime hub to channel all reports of online hate crime and reduce the burden on frontline officers

On Monday 9th, The Prime Minister updated parliament on our plans for leaving the European Union, as Liam Fox and Philip Hammond set out the Government’s vision for post EU trade and customs policy in two White Papers.

On Tuesday 10th, the Prime Minister launched an audit of public services to reveal racial disparities and to help end the injustices that many people experience.

Also on Tuesday, the Prime Minister conducted a radio phone-in interview on LBC, where she highlighted the racial disparity audit data.

Also on Tuesday, the Prime Minister met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to discuss housebuilding, where she challenged him to implement more ambitious and productive approaches.

On Wednesday 11th, Karen Bradley announced the Internet Safety Green Paper, designed to make Britain the safest place in the world to be online.

Also on Wednesday, the Prime Minister set out some facts that Labour would rather people forgot at PMQs.

On Thursday 12th, Greg Clark published the draft Tariff Cap Bill that will see excessive energy prices capped for millions of households, implementing one of this year’s Party Conference commitments.

Also on Thursday, David Davis concluded the fifth round of EU exit negotiations in Brussels.

Also on Thursday, the Prime Minister met kidney transplant patients at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital to discuss their views on the Government’s announcement of presumed consent to organ donation.

On Friday 13th, Dominic Raab launched a call for evidence to help fight false holiday sickness insurance claims.