Letter to Members regarding Political Supper Party

Dear Member
I am writing to you as Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Devizes Constituency Conservative Association (DCCA).

Given that we have a newly elected MP for our constituency as well as having secured a fantastic 80 seat majority government in the recent General Election, the management committee at DCCA felt that it was time to inject a renewed sense of political vigour into our local activities and membership.  Therefore we have decided to re-initiate (it having existed in the past) a quarterly 'Political Supper Club' to be held at various venues around the Constituency on a Friday evening.  The format is still to be confirmed but will likely involve a keynote speaker followed by discussion, questions and debate as well of course as food and drink.  We would hope to write up a summary of each event and potentially pass this to the CPF (Conservative Policy Forum) which is chaired by John Penrose MP.  CPF branches can be established at Association level and depending on how things progress this is something we may seek to do.

We have a date for our first Political Supper Club event which is Friday 13th March (one week before the AGM) and our first speaker will be our new MP Danny Kruger with a topic TBC.  Could you please advise via email to nicholasstovold@hotmail.com if you would a) be interested in general in attending our Political Supper Clubs and b) if so, whether you would be free on Friday 13th March to attend the first event.  The price to attend is likely to vary for each occasion based on the location but we do not envisage anything too grand.  If we have significant interest in the concept we may need to issue tickets on a first come/first served basis but this of course remains to be seen.

Finally we would be very interested to hear what your own political priorities are (partly so we know what to focus on in terms of the Supper Clubs).  If you feel so inclined, perhaps you could let us know which of the following topics/policy areas are most important to you.  If you could put a number from 1-10 next to each topic with 1 being the most important and 10 the least, this could be a helpful tool for us going forward. 
In any case I hope that the above may be of some interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely
Nick Stovold
Deputy Chairman (Political) DCCA