Wiltshire Conservatives announce their Candidate for the PCC Elections

Mr Angus MacPherson has been selected by Wiltshire Conservatives as their Candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on 15th November 2012


Angus has a long record of public service. He has served as a borough councillor and is a trustee of several Wiltshire charities.

He has been a leading member of the Police Authority for 7 years. He is responsible for the introduction of the performance monitoring system, which has underpinned recent performance improvements. His experience in preparing a Policing Plan will be invaluable for producing the much wider Police and Crime Plan required by new legislation.

Angus has many of the skills required of a Commissioner: commercial finance, knowledge of policing and police finance, of drugs and alcohol services and of the criminal justice system. He has established contacts with many of the organisations from whom services might be commissioned.

He has experience in public consultation using surveys, Area Boards and Localities and meeting MPs, and the Youth Parliament.

He is committed to localism, the “Wiltshire” cap badge and maintaining neighbourhood teams embedded within communities, demonstrated by his energetic lead in the move to co-locate Police and Council services in campuses and localities. Additionally he is committed to maintaining local police response and retaining local direction and control, whilst supporting collaboration with other forces, Angus is able to ‘hit the ground running’ at a time of great challenge and change within Wiltshire Police and all public services. He is well placed to promote further improvement in policing within context of community needs, the complexities of modern policing, and to promote improvements to criminal justice system through commissioning and partnership.

His other interests in the county are as a governor of Dauntsey’s School and as a trustee of The Community Foundation. He also runs two charities working with the homeless.

Email: Macpherson_angus@hotmail.com